Michael Pinter • March 28, 2024

A.D. Massapequa, NY

“They allowed my Dad to Die in Peace”

My Father was a landlord his whole life, well into his late eighties. He was having so much aggravation from his rental properties that they were literally killing him. The Village inspections, fines, tenant issues and changing rules were driving him nuts. We had NO WAY to sell his houses through the traditional path. My father wanted the tenants to stay in the houses and to not let them know that the properties were being sold. The only people that helped us were Real Property Buyers. The closing happened when they told us it would and my father never felt better. He passed away about eighteen months later, as a happy man. I will forever be grateful to Michael and Real Property Buyers for giving him the calm he needed to pass away peacefully and for giving us the amazing last year and half that we were able to spend with him.

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